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Main Auto Body & Towing Paintless Dent Repair Services

If you’ve been in any type of minor or more serious accident, we can help add the finishing touch to the damages. Main Auto Body specializes in paintless dent repair services, and we’ve got the best of the best working by our side. Accidents can leave nasty dents on your beloved vehicle. Our job is to cover up the damage and make your ride look brand new. We’re situated in the heart of the Dallas area, and we’ve been working on cars for many years. Our highly qualified restoration specialists will match the exact shade of paint to give your car a flawless appearance. Dents can be a few inches deep or a minor scrape, but we’ll restore your car to its original state in no time. If there is any damage to the bumper or door panel, we’ll have that fixed too. You’ll quickly come to see how much we genuinely love cars, and the results speak for themselves!

The Best PDR Pros at Main Auto Body

Paintless dent repair or PDR is one of many specialities we offer at Main Auto Body. Our other auto body services include, full body restoration, wheels and tires, oil change, custom paint job, wheel alignment, suspension, engine repair, and complete vehicle maintenance. We work on all types of vehicles that range from a Ford F-150 to a modern sized Nissan sedan. It takes plenty of years of experience to spot a specific dent, and more importantly, how to repair it the right way. Our technicians use the best quality PDR tools that includes dent lighting and a glue pulling kit. Once the new paint dries off, you will be amazed with the new look your vehicle has. We offer excellent prices and give you top notch quality services in return. While we perform the paintless dent repair, we can also change your upholstery and give your engine a quick tuning. Although you cannot avoid accidents at times, it certainly helps to know which auto body garage you can always trust your car with.

We offer the best quality paintless dent repair services in town, with a name that goes back a long time. We’re available to take on any type of project, and we love restoring cars. Don’t let an amateur garage shop play around with your beloved ride. Make sure to stop by our Dallas-Fort Worth auto body garage today!