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When you have a car, and if the car is one of your most precious belongings, you want people to treat it with the same amount of love that you do. If living in a Dallas area you will probably need a local tow truck Dallas Company to help you when you are in trouble on the road. No matter if it is a dead battery, accident removal, long distance towing or any other similar need; we are here for you 24/7 at your service. Before you start thinking how you can do it by yourself, and how the problem is easy to solve, the best thing is to call the professionals

Being a local company with loads of experience in towing, emergency towing, roadside assistance and car locksmith services, Main Towing is a perfect choice for your 4 wheeled pet. And all this is being delivered for the price that will suit every pocket because we try to have reasonable prices for our clients. Having low, or should we say reasonable prices will make one to logically expect that our services are offered by amateurs, but it is just the opposite-all of our workers are fully licensed and experienced professionals at your service.

So, if you are still thinking about if we should be a perfect tow truck Dallas provider for you, there is also toll free phone number for emergency towing services- (972) 996-5223 which will be great to have in your mobile phone, just in case. Our trucks come in under 30 minutes, no matter when you call us, and no matter where from do you call us. If you are in Dallas area we sure won’t let you down, and you will make to your location just in time.