4 Reasons to Hire a Crane Rental Service

Construction is an expensive industry, and it is critical to keep costs low. That is why, rather than attempting to purchase their own heavy lifting equipment, many businesses turn to crane rental companies. It’s a decision with many clear advantages and few disadvantages, if any. In many cases, it’s a simple decision to make – especially for companies that only require a crane on occasion.

  1. Avoiding the initial costs

Cranes are ridiculously expensive. Even a small, self-erecting crane with no means of locomotion could very well set you back six figures, and larger models suitable for working on large-scale projects can easily cost millions.

Meanwhile, rental costs are typically one-hundredth or less of what it costs to buy. Renting a large number of cranes would be required to even begin to approach the cost of purchasing one outright. And that is only the beginning of the costs.

  1. Upkeep and maintenance

Cranes are both expensive to purchase and to maintain. A good crane can last for decades if properly maintained and repaired on a regular basis. There’s always Welshpool crane hire that is available at all times.

They must also be inspected and certified on a regular basis in order to be legal, which is an extremely costly process. Thankfully, all of that is factored into the cost of renting a crane, so you get a single low price.

  1. Knowledge and person power

Cranes necessitate specialized operators who have been trained on both the specific crane and crane operations in general. Keeping an expert operator on staff will only increase your costs, especially when it comes to licensing.

When you rent from a crane rental company, you will receive a fully-trained and certified operator as well as your equipment. The team you hire are there to work with you so, use them to the best of your advantage.

  1. Liability insurance

Lastly, consider what happens if you have a crane of your own and, your operator makes a serious mistake. The costs could be enough to ruin your project, with a reputable crane hire company you can be sure that thing like liability insurance cover isn’t something you will need to worry about.

Final thoughts

Really and truly, renting a crane and the services that come with it make perfect business sense, that is of course unless you are a multimillion-dollar property developer. Even if you are, for the liability peace of mind alone, it would probably be worth hiring a specialized team.