How To Ride Can-Am Spyder Motorbike?

CanAm Spyder 3-wheel motorcycles are different and need good knowledge and special skills before you try to ride it. Remember, the professional racers and rides you watch on promotional clips execute performances or maneuvers under controlled conditions. First-timers must never try any such risky maneuvers but first, understand and respect vehicle performance.

In Canada, Performance NC offers pre-owned Can-Am cote a cote version ranging from the year 2011 to 2019, at reasonable rates. New riders of Can-Am Spyder need to enroll for a training course, get a proper license, and practice on control-proficiency. The traditional two-wheeler bikes and Spyder has some things in common including starter button, twist grip throttle, light, horn, and blinkers. Everything else differs in one way or another.


The first step is the startup process but read the safety card before a journey. It reminds riders that they are riding something different. Press firmly on the M/Mode button located near the left handlebar to scroll across a multi-functional display. Place the right foot on the brake and hit the starter button. The V-twin engine will roar into action!


Spyder does not have a brake lever on the right handle-bar but has foot brake. The foot brake is tailored with ABS and controls all 3 discs through EBD. Brakes work fantastically, so when you press your foot down, hang tightly!


There is no clutch or gear lever like in 2-wheelers. In Spyder, the control is simple—-press plus button with left thumb for up and pull back with left forefinger minus for down in 0.6 sec. There are 5 gears and if speed and revs are not sufficient they will not respond. At 30 km/h, the gear will not respond to a change request into the 5th. For matching revs, hold throttle position.


The reverse is handy. It saves you the effort of pushing a heavy 300 kg vehicle around for parking. Reverse has a short ratio, so a slight push to the throttle can go long, so be careful while reversing! The Steering is direct, so watch for extra width on the front.

While riding…..

  • The Spyder is responsive, so relax your elbow, shoulder, and grip or the tense may go onto wheels via bars.
  • Be seated far forward but comfortably, so more weight is placed on the front end.
  • Never carry a passenger, if you are new or have less practice.
  • Before you reach the corner, lean in the corner. It helps to push 300 kg bike around.
  • Even while applying throttle lean forward.
  • Using the electronics is the hard part but trust their inputs on every corner.

Practice and gain confidence to enjoy your Can-Am Spyder ride!