Top Strategies For Driving in Fall

Since fall (the autumn) is here, using the sun lower on the horizon and also the leaves turning brown around the trees, we’ve compiled their Top Ten Strategies for driving for that season.

1. Make use of your demisters and heaters to maintain your home windows obvious. Be sure to make use of your heated rear screen for those who have one.

2. Keep the windshield washer reservoir capped up and employ it as well as your wipers regularly to make sure a obvious view. Did you know it’s illegal they are driving with no clean windshield?

3. Keep the shades within the vehicle – it might not be summer time but you might still need them.

4. Consider individuals dark clothing – (how come most winter jackets produced in dark colours?!)

5. Watch out for pedestrians with umbrellas – they have seen you, hiding under there?

6. Be familiar with the sun’s rays dazzling people – you, other motorists, motorcyclists or pedestrians.

7. Make use of your lights. Sidelights when it is a bit dull, dipped headlights when visibility is reduced and fog lights when visibility is reduced. Make sure to turn them off if not needed though.

8. When it’s wet, remember your stopping distance is bending, so double the amount distance you retain in the vehicle in-front – 2 seconds becomes 4 seconds.

9. When it’s really wet, slow lower to prevent aquaplaning through puddles or soaking pedestrians.

10. Check tyres for sufficient tread depth (1.6mm legal minimum but 3mm suggested minimum) and steering wheel pressures when cold to keep grip having a possible slippery surface. Remember the spare!